The Nellie Loop

And what a treat it was for us to see our friends Sonja, Curdin, Iwan and Larissa once again.  It had been just over three years since we said our goodbyes in Chur, but we fell into an easy groove right away as if days had past rather than years.  I was worried about how it might work with the kids.  Zack and Mason have forgotten most of their German, while Iwan and Larissa haven't, as yet, learned English, but it didn't seem to matter a bit. They had a ton of fun together just like the old days.

There were some long portages on this trip, but it was just spectacular with the absolute capper being our time on Nellie Lake. We had luck with the weather for the most part, great campsites, some cool nature spottings (thanks to Sonja) and enough Bailey's in our afternoon coffee to make us forget that we were sleeping on Thermarests!


And what a treat it was to visit Belize.  Beautiful ,warm, and friendly.  Just what the doctor ordered for us really.  A special thanks to Matt Jackson for the great tip.  Keep them coming.  For future reference, the whole experience would be greatly enhanced for us, had you not only made the initial suggestion, but also paid for it in full as well.